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  1. Simply Sated

    Hey Angela. I, too, hope to start making my own bread – well, at least in the next couple of years. Your rolls look absolutely perfect to me, but there is one problem. I want one right this second and don’t have one 🙂 Finlandia Gourmet Butter sounds delicious – just like the kind of butter I would love to use. Terrific post – thanks!

  2. mike

    Hey ang,
    I will have to take a pop at these rolls. I love making my own breads and doughs for things, these would make a good addition to my other recipies. You should really do a cook book!!

    • Angela LeMoine

      Hi Joyce! If you go ahead and click the link for the butter it will bring you right to their website. They have a list of locations right on there. I found it right at the local shop rite!

  3. GB

    I love to bake so I would use the butter in my recipes to make things like blueberry muffins and chocolate chip cookies.


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